Hi, I'm Matt Sheehan. A Junior Developer.

I'm a Brighton-based professional taking my first steps in the tech industry after re-training from a career in journalism and graduating from the Northcoders software development bootcamp.

My portfolio

My studies at Northcoders' bootcamp culminated in the development of a full-stack news application, built with React on the front-end and using PostgreSQL and Express on the back-end. I also built several basic React apps over the duration of the course and have created a number of smaller projects created using Python.

screenshot of Guess What game app

Guess What (JS Game)

screenshot of NC News web app

NC News (Front-End)

screenshot of NC News API endpoints

NC News (Back-End)

My final project at Northcoders involved working as part of a team to build an online game. A take on the classic Guess Who, but with the twist that rather than people, you're guessing the alien. The project was build with Next.js on the front-end and MongoDB on the back-end, with web sockets utilised for multiplayer functionality. Simply enter a username and click on the 1 player mode to give it a try.

This project is an interactive news web application built with React and styled in the vein of voting and discussion based websites such as Reddit. Fetching data from a purpose-built API, NC News provides a feed of articles that can be filtered and sorted by various search terms. Users can login, post comments and provide upvotes and downvotes to existing articles and comments.

This project creates and seeds a database of articles and user data that can be accessed programmatically by a front-end news forum style service. Using a Javascript API, clients can access several endpoints to request, post, update and delete data.

screenshot of Meet-iorite React web app


screenshot of Todo List React web app

Todo List

screenshot of Rain Checker text app

Rain Checker

This React project uses two public APIs by NASA and Geocode to serve the user information about the closest meteorite landings to their location. The user inputs a place name and the app makes a call to the Geocoding API service using Axios. This converts the human-readable address into latitude and longitude co-ordinates and in turn sources map data from the Google Maps API. These co-ordinates are then used to filter meteorite data from NASA's API into a list of the 10 nearest meteorite landings, before presenting the user with a brief info card on each meteorite, in addition to a visual map.

This project explores the functionality provided by React to make a basic todo list that enables a user to add tasks and cross them off when complete or remove them from the list. It also makes use of local browser storage so that data persists when the page is refreshed.

This simple Python app fetches weather data from an open API and texts the user a message warning them if it will rain that day. The user's location in latitude and longitude is passed to the Open Weather Map api, which returns a forecast of the local weather for that day. If conditions are wet, the app utilises Twilio to send a text message to the user's phone number telling them to bring an umbrella.

My skills

With proficiency in languages such as Javascript and Python, I have utilised modern front-end frameworks such as React to create interactive and responsive front-end projects.

I also have experience developing server logic and can efficiently design APIs, manage databases (SQL and NoSQL), and implement RESTful architecture to ensure smooth data flow and manipulation.

Additionally, I'm well-versed in industry best-practices such as AGILE workflow, test-driven development, git version control and pair programming, which have all been implemented over the duration of my bootcamp.


Contact me

Please feel free to get in touch with me regarding any potential employment opportunities. Thanks for taking the time to view my work!

Brighton & Hove, UK


07748 343 040